I hate painters.

Anna Martinez


Non-Image Objects 1-4 2016

Installation view from "The Future Past" an exhibition curated by Anne Surak (Art+Space) at the Historic Central State Hospital in Indianapolis, IN, featuring artwork that responds to its environment and the building's history. Exhibition ran from May 7th-June 4th 2016. Exhibition photos by Tad Fruits.

Light is an important component in our memories. The brighter the image is in our mind, the easier is it to remember. As our memories get lost, we find that it is difficult to form an image of a certain time or place. Anna Martinez’s work delineates the point between still image and physical object. The paintings on each piece do not attempt to form an image from the source of light; they merely reveal the transfer of light between the source and the target. These non-image objects expose the subtle changes in the light over time and are influenced by the surrounding architecture. They cannot be connected to a certain time period or place, but are constructed with familiar materials.