ANNA MARISA MARTINEZ, a native of Indiana, now resides in Jersey City, New Jersey. She obtained a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Painting and a Minor in Art History from the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, IN. Alongside her academic pursuits, Anna showcased her creative talent by curating an exhibition within the walls of Indianapolis City Hall in 2013. The groundbreaking exhibition titled Vacant, featuring over 50 talented artists from the Indianapolis Area, was a resounding success. Anna's artistic practice has taken her to numerous group exhibitions throughout the Midwest, where her work has been well-received. She was awarded with a Fellowship and Artist Residency in 2019, culminating in a captivating solo exhibition. Presently, Anna maintains a vibrant studio practice in New York City.

Moreover, Anna has honed her expertise in the fashion industry as a seasoned stylist for over seven years. Her background encompasses commercial styling, fashion merchandising, and experience design. Well known for her avant-garde and daring aesthetic, Anna possesses a unique ability to create captivating and elevated retail experiences and exhibitions. Her innovative approach consistently delivers excitement and allure to the world of fashion.

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